Lest talk Data

Max Power, Average Power, NP Power, Average Speed, Cadence, HR…

All that DATA is cool but what happens in a race when it all SWITCHES OFF??

I know a few athletes who would have a minor break down if that happened in a race. By minor I mean Chernobyl!

But there is no need to hit the BIG RED BUTTON when this happens

There is another way to judge your effort.

Its subjective, it’s not 100% scientific, It does require a bit of….athlete intuition.

It’s called RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion).

We think learning this skill is CRUCIAL in developing you as an athlete

Now I’m not going to say I’m a RPE Jedi master. But I am a RPE Padawan, I know how to use its FORCE.

And you should learn to use this too.

Because there will be a race, very possibly the most important race of your year, next year where all your data screens just DIE.

If that happened would you still be confident of your ability to race it like a pro?

Most athletes if they were honest would answer that question with a NO!

So this winter in your training sessions learn to use the force. The RPE force. Start becoming intuitive about how you feel in your race pace sessions, easy sessions ect

Trust us, it’s the cheapest investment in your race preparation you could make this winter.

Thanks for reading

Simon de Burgh
2 X Winner of Gym Based PT 
Level 2 British Triathlon Coach 
Performance & Nutrition Director

PS: We have a RPE chart that we use with all our clients. If you’d like a copy just say YES in the comments box below

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