I sent this email out to our semi private coached clients but I think it’s got such a good message I though id share it with you.
Had a great conversation with a new 121 coached client yesterday who was guilty of slipping in “EXTRA” training between planned sessions.
They thought that by doing this added more fitness and eventually will make them a faster athlete.
Now I can understand why this may seem attractive.
Let’s face it to start off with that may well happen.
More volume will build your cardiovascular base, you will see improvements and your times will get faster or at least you’ll be able to hold your pace with more ease.
But there’s a problem with that way of thinking.
I’m trying to think of a good analogy here. Let’s try this, see if it resonates with you.
*** It’s a bit like binge watching a whole box set of your favorite program ***
Yes, you will get to the end of season cliff hanger quicker than everyone who watches it on terrestrial TV but that might be at the cost of staying up late and being shattered for a week.
What I’m trying to get across is
adding EXTRA training on top of your plan, might just RUIN the plan and slow your performance
Because, if you have a great plan there will be well placed sessions where you have to work hard above threshold, strength and speed work that puts a tough demand on your body.
These sessions are usually placed between easier sessions, long or short, to give you good recovery so you can put your best effort into your most important sessions.
The problem with adding “EXTRA” training sessions is they carry over too much fatigue.
You can see by carrying that “EXTRA” accumulative tiredness into your tougher sessions means a poorer result in those sessions.
And that, over time has a massive negative knock to your overall all fitness, speed and performance.
It could also invite injury.
I get it, the lure of more or “EXTRA” is strong with most athletes.
But I want you to think.
Is that “EXTRA” affecting your ability to deliver in the sessions that make the most impact to your overall performance?
It’s worth thinking about.

Simon de Burgh
2 X Winner of Gym Based PT 
Level 2 British Triathlon Coach 
Performance & Nutrition Director

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