I’ve had this conversation with a number of athletes this week.

It’s clear that most athletes just choose a random figure and say “I want to get to that weight”. The problem is that’s NOT the right way to think about it and I can guarantee it’s NOT the right number.

OK, yes it’s important to aim to be as light as you can, but only as long as you can be an effective athlete and NOT at the expense of having

* No energy
* No libido
* Poor recovery in-between sessions
* Random monthly cycle => No that’s not just down to training
* Disastrous sleep cycles => No that’s not just down to training either.

You see
Most athletes are training too hard not eating enough
AND are obsessed with scale going down.

Thing is
Race weight should be where you can consistently be lean, hold your weight where you

Feel good
Think clearly
Look Good
AND perform CONSISTENTLY at your best

There is NO point in being super lean if you CAN’T reliably put out great RESULTS in training or if you’re constantly lacking in energy and feel shattered.

Trust me, that’s a recipe for injury and disappointment.
As an athlete and performance nutrition coach I understand the importance getting lean. We all want to be lighter.

Here’s the right way to go about it

* Know your daily caloric budget
* Have a small caloric deficit to lose body fat
* Eat real whole food to help control hunger and stop you from reaching for highly caloric foods because your ravenous.
* Have patience

I also want you to be mindful of this

You will NEVER lose body fat at a consistent rate. Some times it’s more sometimes it’s less.


You always see greater progress when you 1st get started especially if you have more body fat to lose.

The take home message:

What you should be aiming for is the lightest and leanest you can hold consistently without losing performance, while maintaining health and feeling energized.

Don’t aim for some random low figure
Always think

* Performance 1st
* Fat/Weight loss 2nd
* Take it slow
* Be patient
* Stay consistent and you will get RESULTS in training, weight and fat loss.

Thanks for Reading

Simon de Burgh
Performance Director
Level 2 British Triathlon Coach
2 X Winner of Best Gym Based PT

The 7 Most Overlooked Areas of Performance

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