The Strength Project

Our mission is simple, to give you the tools, knowledge and support that show you how to get stronger, more powerful, fitter and FASTER.


What is the #StrengthProject?

A triathlon specific weights based strength training program delivered on-line designed by two experienced trainers to help you build STRENGTH in the gym so that you have more POWER and SPEED when racing.

Most people do hill repeats or power workouts on the bike to build strength. This will only take you to a certain level where you STOP seeing returns. Specific strength training principals can help you move past that point.

The problem is most people are doing it wrong, slowing progress and minimizing RESULTS.

The Strength Project is the distinction between weight training and strength training that will help you build your performance FASTER.

Simon & Billy

Gareth Greeves

Its a massive learning curve, there’s so much knowledge and guidance from Billy and Simon that the whole jigsaw of training for Triathlon becomes clearer.

I love the members only group, its great to get our questions answered so we can all learn and support each other, such a friendly bunch.

I’m starting to look mint too.

I’m definitely lighter, looking leaner, I’ve got way more power, feeling invincible!

What You Get With The Strength Project


Professionally designed warm up drills to help you improve flexibility and mobility so you can perform exercises effectively and reduce the chances of common injury.


A periodized program to help you build strength, not size so that you stay light and most importantly build power and speed.


You’ll be able to download onto your phone specific videos to get CLEAR instructions on how to nail down the technique of each exercise.


When you sign up you’ll get access to the Tri Force members only group. It’s a great community of like-minded, friendly supportive people.


You’ll also get a handy written guide to help you learn the EXACT way to perform each exercise in the safest way possible.


You’ll learn the foundations of technique, HOW to effectively build real STRENGTH and gain a deeper understanding of injury prevention that will transform your training and performance.


You get the benefit of TWO knowledgeable and experienced coaches who will help guide you toward folding strength training into your busy training week without it affecting training time in other disciplines.

Tim Yarrow

After completing Ironman Barcelona in October last year, I began to analyse my performance and where I needed to improve.

I signed up to the Strength Project with Billy and Simon to help me address some of those issues.

The best bit is it’s much more than just a training programme, it’s a full support system where they help with both training and guide you with your nutrition to push you through those plateaus.

The ‘Hangouts’ are a great add on where we all group chat about the things which have gone right or wrong in training and Simon and Billy guide us to improve.

This and the inner circle FB page has created a fun, supportive community. Looking forward to a successful 2016!

Calvin Leach

Working on my strength in the gym has really made a difference to my training and performance. I thought I was training properly in the gym until I did the strength project.

I’m more powerful on the bike and stronger in my swim. That definitely paid dividends in Out Law Full where I smashed all my PB’S clocking in a time of 10.03.

Strength training is worth the investment if your serious about getting faster.

The 7 Most Overlooked Areas of Performance

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