Should I train on my TT bike thought the winter?

Hell yes!

Now I could leave that there, but!

If you’re serious about getting results in training and racing next year then you need to be doing the majority of your training sessions on your race bike.


*it will develop the exact muscles you’ll be using in racing.
*It will highlight the fact that your bike set up is right or bloody awful.
*It will give you the right power data to work with and use in racing
(The power you put out on a TT bike is different from a road bike)
* Come race day you’ll have developed a solid understanding of what you can and cant put out in terms of performance.
*You ‘ll look and feel a bit more Pro

That last point may not seem important, maybe even irrelevant but here’s my take on this. If training on your race bike keeps you inspired to stay consistent then use it.

Some of you may have noticed I said “majority of training sessions”

That’s because I’m talking about using your very expensive TT bike on your smart trainer in those key sessions during the week.

On those longer rides during the winter I use my winter hack.

Yes, I know what your thinking, but you said all that stuff about muscles etc.….

Well my inner tight Scottish man (I am Scottish) really doesn’t like the thought of winter rain soaked roads, salt and muck wreaking my beautiful race bike.

Enter winter steed with mud guards….dry feet mean EVERYTHING

The pint is, using your race bike on the turbo is important to build performance.

Come the spring you’ll be confident of your fitness and strength on your race bike and have the ability to tear up tarmac.


Simon de Burgh
2 X Winner of Gym Based PT 
Level 2 British Triathlon Coach 
Performance & Nutrition Director

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