“Hey guys heard someone talking about lifting heavy weights the other day. He was saying that it’s much more effective than higher volume lifting. Is that BS or not?”

Got this asked the other day.

It’s a great question

In the context of which is best to create pure strength

Heavy and fewer reps VS lighter and high rep ranges, HEAVY wins’ hands down.

That’s because it forces the muscle to contract all its muscle motor units in all of its fibers. Which is a good thing for force development and SPEED.

Thing is

lifting lighter and longer doesn’t really do that and there is another downside to it. Over time It could help with creating bulkier muscle.

Now that does NOT mean that you should start instantly lifting heavy Brahhh

That my friends is how to break yourself

Heavy weight and poor form makes for terrible lifting technique and the chance of injury

Hands up who’s seen folks doing really bad deadlifts in the gym? You can audibly imagine their spine screaming out like a banshee. Its horrendous to watch isn’t it?

Now that does NOT mean you should NEVER lift heavy

What It does mean is this

* You need to work up to it gradually *

So this winter, if you’re starting a strength program and you should be if you want to get faster (You want that right?) don’t go all in GUNZ blazing.

Way too many folks think getting nasty DOMS is the ONLY sign of a great workout.

It’s NOT! It’s a sign that you over did it…BIG TIME.

Yes, you should have some level of soreness after training but not to the extent that you can’t sit on the LOO.

That’s the problem with off the shelf programs.
Don’t matter how well they are written they just don’t take into account YOU and your ability at the current time.

Its why when you get started with us on our Team Tri Force semi private coached or 121 package we go through an in depth consultation to make sure you’re the right fit and ready to get started.

Shameless plug right there ^^^^

So if you are getting back into the gym this winter season, and you really should be if you want to get FASTER and reduce the chances of common injury.

Remember this

Lift HEAVY but build up to it


Simon de Burgh
2 X Winner of Gym Based PT
Level 2 British Triathlon Coach
Performance & Nutrition Director

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