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Fenella Langridge Testimonial

Nutrition can be confusing with so many different diets and contrasting opinions of what to and what NOT to eat. I didn't know where to start.

Working with Billy, Tim and Simon in the #LeanAthleteProject Ive seen really great changes.

My energy levels have increased; I’m recovering quicker in-between sessions so my training has become more meaningful.

Other great things I’ve noticed are

I’m maintaining my lean muscle mass and looking trimer, big winner if you ask me. So over all I am fitter, faster, healthier and eating more calories!!

I know what you’re thinking, how the hell could you be eating more but getting leaner??

I thought exactly the same when I first started! The only way you’ll find out HOW is to join the group.

Join now and receive your FREE recipe book with 40 delicious easy to make meals. We've worked out the CALORIES so you don't have to.  


What you'll get when you join

  • The tools to help you change shape, have more energy, get and stay lean ALL year round.
  • Each week we take an in-depth look into 1 aspect of nutrition, dispell the fads, mainstream "BS” and give you the FACTS that will empower you to constantly make the right decisions.
  • Access the Tri Force members only group. It’s a great community of like-minded, friendly supportive people.
  • Support and advice form QUALIFIED coaches that understand restrictive dieting is effective but not sustainable or fun – we want you to gain a deeper understanding of performance nutrition.

Yes I want to join a group of Athletes and get valuable, straightforward, QUALIFIED advice to look, feel and perform at my best.


A few of the things you'll learn in the #LeanAthleteProject

  • Proven strategies and practical tips to help you look, feel and perform at your best.

  • The distinction between Performance Nutrition and dieting for fat loss VS

  • Discover what foods make you feel great, what foods don’t - and why it's important.

  • Understand that most weight loss fads are a gimmick and what supplements really work.

    And so much more.......

Your coaches and some of the people we've worked with.

Simon de Burgh: Lead Nutrition and Coaching Director

  • Matt Lovell: Sports Nutritionalist for the England Rugby Team
  • Phil Learny: Elite Strength and Nutrition Coach, Educator and Mentor.
  • Rehan Jalali: Advanced Nutritional Specialist and President of the Supplement Research Foundation.
  • Marc Jarvis: Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach English Institute of Sport.
  • Andy McKenzie: Strength, Conditioning and Movement Coach.
  • Andy Bolton: Power Lifter World Record Holder.

Billy Harris: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Dr Jeremy Moody: Former chairman of UKSCA.
  • Lee Douglas: Former Head S & C at Bristol Rugby and current Lead S & C at Canada Rigby 7s.
  • Tom Hargroves: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Bristol Rugby.
  • Andrew Petts: Head S & C at Bedford Blues RFC.
  • Dan Martin: Former Head Physiotherapist at Bristol Rugby and Newport Gwent Dragons. Current Lecturer at University of Wales Cardiff

Join now and receive your FREE recipe book with 40 delicious, easy to make meals. We've worked out the CALORIES so you don't have to.  

Only 9.99 pm

If you're looking for quick fixes this Project is NOT for you.