Lean Athlete Challenge

Drop body fat, get lighter, get FASTER.

Learn how to change shape, look great, have more energy, recover quicker and perform at your best.

What is the Lean Athlete Challenge?

When it comes to building great performance and dropping body fat you don’t have to be super restrictive, you don’t have to demonise food or follow a narrow system that eliminates certain foods (Unless you’re truly allergic or sensitive to them)

The problem is mainstream media and fitness “gurus” lead us to believe that’s the right or only way.

It’s NOT.

Let me show you the right way so you take control of your meals, snacks and diet that will help you be healthier, more relaxed about food, have more energy, feel better in training and yes get leaner.

You’ll get (for FREE)

  • A series of 10 exclusive videos that will help you understand how to take back control of your diet and nutrition.
  • Bonus emails that give you a greater understanding of how to change shape, drop body fat and feel more energised.
  • Straightforward challenges that will help you boost your fat loss and performance.


Who Is TriForce

Simon and Billy, 2 x AWARD winning coaching duo, who have competed in Triathlons & Iron Man all over the world!

Our love for triathlon and all things endurance based has lead us to create Tri Force Endurance.
The Ultimate Online Triathlon Coaching Experience!

We’re here to help age group athletes just like you reduce your swim times, get faster on the bike and quicker on the run.

Our mission is to deliver good, experienced, proven plans, friendly support, and an AWESOME online community and make that accessible to everyone.

I’ve learnt so much from Coach Simon. He’s literally changed my view how to change shape and fuel better in training. I no longer follow faddy diets or worry about eating fun foods.

Kathryn Blackburn

It’s a massive learning curve, there’s so much knowledge and guidance from Billy and Simon that the whole jigsaw of training for Triathlon becomes clearer. I’m definitely lighter, looking leaner, I’ve got way more power, feeling invincible!

Gareth Greeves

Recently got on the Tri Force movement. Even at such an early stage I’m extremely happy with the results, getting a podium place so soon has been amazing.

Mark Rabaiotti

The 7 Most Overlooked Areas of Performance

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