One of the hardest things for a coach to get their athletes to do is tame their inner speed demon come race day.

I’ve seen races lost and PB’s missed because the athlete got carried away by pacing themselves way too tasty.

Take the run for instance.

Let’s say the athlete can consistently hold 7.50 minute miles for a 10K. That would get them a solid time 48.40.

But on race day they run out way too quick for 5K at 7.30 minute miles then slow down to 8.18 for the last 5K. That kind of pacing would set them a slower 10K time of 49.05.

25 Seconds slower than they actually can do!

As an athlete and coach I get why that can happen.

Excitement ego or even fear of being slow takes over. However, learn to tame those emotions and you’ll pace your race like a pro.

So, let’s say you did set off at your target pace of 7.50 and STICK to it for the first 8KMs.

Because you did that you feel good enough to push a little harder in the last 2K and up the pace to 7.30’s clocking in at 48 mins on the button.

That’s a classic negative split.

Ok so in real life that’s not so easy to do.

But, get that right and you’ll achieve 1 min and 5 Seconds FASTER than you would have, had you NOT gone out like a total goon.

Think of pacing like this.

You may have spent the whole year getting in the best shape of your life but get carried away, pace your race badly and you’ll get a very disappointing result that has nothing to do with fitness.

Pacing. It’s worth thinking about, practicing in training so you can execute your race like a PRO.

Thanks for reading

Simon de Burgh
Performance Director
Level 2 British Triathlon Coach
2 X Winner of Best Gym Based PT

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