A great question that you could drill down into for ages.

There are certain traits and habits all great athletes from pro to age grouper have that we could to adopt if we want to walk in their footsteps.

  • Be organized and plan:

Some of our most successful athletes work full time, have large families and still get “quality” training in. Why? Because they map out their week, know what their time constraints are and work round them.

  • Consistency

We use the “C” word with clients a lot and for good reason. If you’re sporadically following the plan, intermittently working on mobility and soft tissue work then you won’t get where you want and consistently court injury.

  • Eliminating the irrelevant. (Focusing on the task in hand)

Let’s take swimming as a good example. You should be 100% present in your session, constantly critiquing your technique. If you’re thinking about your shopping or something equally irrelevant then you’re limiting your development.    

  • Intuition and being emotionally intelligent:

Some days we train and we feel ready, some days we train and we feel tired, somedays we train and we feel niggles but ignore them because we are “stubborn” or “ego driven”

That’s how we get injured. One downgraded or aborted session doesn’t ruin a season. Being injured can set you back a month all because you didn’t listen to your body.

An emotionally intelligent and intuitive athlete knows when to STOP and when to push hard.

  • Reflection:

Performance is much more than a physical development. Reflection on a session will help you understand what’s working well, what you need to improve on, if you need to practice a skill more or change your strategy.  It’s worth thinking about.

  • Strength, conditioning and mobility:

Ok so this is neither a habit or trait. But we’ve included this because not enough emphasis are put on these and it should be. Take Roger Federer for instance. Still in great shape, still killing it on the court.

Why? It’s well know that strength and conditioning has played a major part in his, Murray and the William’s sisters performance and it should be a major part of your plan, especially for older athletes.

These are just some of the traits, habits and practices you should work on to develop your performance in 2018.

Thanks for reading

Simon de Burgh

2 X Winner of Gym Based PT

Level 2 British Triathlon Coach

Performance & Nutrition Director



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