My Face Book feed keeps getting bombarded by adverts from some good looking ripped dude with massive biceps trying to convince me that lemons, apple cider vinegar and ketogenic diets will help me magically melt body fat and get healthier.

It’s funny really because apple cider vinegar and lemons are really just that, A MASSIVE LEMON when it comes to fat loss and health.

This week he was promoting chocolate and bacon for breakfast because, and I quote “the foods we use to start our day are “pretty” critical to determining how our bodies get in shape”

And bacon and chocolate will help us do that!??

Without getting geeky, at all, here’s why good looking big gunz is an irresponsible dickwod.

Let’s say you did start your day with two rashers of bacon and four chunks of chocolate. Why four? I duno, why the hell not! It’s big gunz idea not mine.

That’s 150 calories for the bacon,

230 for the chocolate

totaling a not so modest 380 Calories

of no real nutrient value WHAT so EVER

apart from energy

and a meal that will make you feel hungry again

in less than under 10 minutes.

But that’s alright because ripped dude says eating this way makes us “Fat adapted”, hinting that fat adaption = better for fat loss.

Sorry big arms, superior fat loss is all about caloric restriction.

But in the interest of fair play and all I sort of see what he’s trying to say.

High “good” fat diets can help reduce excessive inflammation for people that consistently eat highly processed, carbohydrate laden foods.

That’s because they help with reducing blood sugar levels and excessive insulin production.

Problem is

high ”good” fat diets can also be unhealthy, cause inflammation and increase cholesterol levels.


You see most people just focus on eating higher “good” fats and don’t balance them out with enough boring stuff like fiber, prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidant’s form real whole food vegies and fruit. <= I know dull right

These all help improve gut and immune health, increase plant sterols lowering blood cholesterols and balance pro and anti-inflammatory cell and blood markers.

The key word is balance.

I know, I know it’s not exciting,

I hear you, bring back ripped dude with big GUNZ,

at least he’s eye candy.

Apart from the possible negative health implications from the overly high “good fat” trend here’s one basic fundamental flaw that can have massive ramifications.

Suggesting a breakfast of bacon and chocolate doesn’t help anyone who has a poor relationship with food.

Starting your morning that way could easily kick start poorer food choices for the rest of the day bumping up caloric intake well above what’s needed.

Thing is, I’m not saying that bacon or chocolate is off the menu. But sensationalizing these foods as a breakfast is irresponsible misinformation from the fitness industry.

Balance and caloric restriction may not be the most exciting thing to advertise but it is the most fundamental aspect of the Lean Athlete Project.

Maybe I need to hit the gym and get bigger arms to make it more attractive for people looking in.

Simon de Burgh

2 X Winner of Gym Based PT 

Level 2 British Triathlon Coach 

Performance & Nutrition Director


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