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How to effectively get to your best racing weight.

I’ve had this conversation with a number of athletes this week. It’s clear that most athletes just choose a random figure and say “I want to get to that weight”. The problem is that’s NOT the right way to think about it and I can guarantee it’s NOT the right number....

A bad training session doesn’t mean jack.

It’s been a mental week for Tri Force. We’ve had a lot of clients racing, competing, prepping for A races and myself doing the Long Course Weekend in Tenby. I won’t lie to you, I almost lost my sense of humor after a 9 hour car journey that should have taken closer to...

Chocolate, bacon and biceps.

My Face Book feed keeps getting bombarded by adverts from some good looking ripped dude with massive biceps trying to convince me that lemons, apple cider vinegar and ketogenic diets will help me magically melt body fat and get healthier. It’s funny really because...

How to recover quicker after your Iron Man

So your Iron Man race is done. You’ve spent months training, obsessing over data, nutrition, bike gadgets, working on your goals and race plan. But what about your post-race recovery, how long have you spent thinking about that? It’s something that a lot of athletes...

Does intermittent fasting work better for fat loss?

There are a lot of athletes who are searching for quicker ‘more effective” ways to lose body fat.   One of the ways that’s super trendy at the moment is Intermittent fasting. "IF"   But is it really superior to caloric restriction? AND importantly is it the right...

Understanding carbohydrates, gels and race fuel.

A lot of people get hung up with how many grams of carbohydrates they need per kg of body weight. Thing is You can only really metabolize 60g of carbohydrates per hour, however there are studies to show that if you mix and match carbohydrate sources such as...

Does fasted training burn more body fat?

Q: “Does fasted training burn more body fat?” A: It’s a hotly debated topic that gets massive air play in the fat loss world and the allure of its promise has gained traction in the sports performance world. Simply put, the answer is NO. Now, I could leave it there....

The 7 Most Overlooked Areas of Performance

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