It’s been a mental week for Tri Force. We’ve had a lot of clients racing, competing, prepping for A races and myself doing the Long Course Weekend in Tenby.

I won’t lie to you, I almost lost my sense of humor after a 9 hour car journey that should have taken closer to 4 and saw me miss the swim. That was the down side and totally out of my control, the next two days made up for that.

It’s funny how we concentrate on the negative and never the good.

As humans I think we’re hard wired to mentally kick ourselves right in the privates. 

I mean when was the last time you actually praised or high fived yourself???

Yeah didn’t think so.

All it can take is one session that didn’t go to plan, especially if it’s close to a race and it can rock the very foundations of months of hard training.

Crap training sessions can and do happen,

you know what I mean,

you can’t get anywhere near the numbers no matter what,

the body and mind is just not playing ball.

It’s something that happened to one of our coached clients last week in a key session. His body didn’t want to play, 10 mins in that was it, session aborted.

Now this is where having a coach can pay’s dividends because I was there to talk it through, look at the facts, ask questions and listen.

We talked a lot about data, where he’s come from, expectation, results, life, work, family…..

Thing is,

Sometimes even when everything is right, nutrition, hydration, rest…you get the idea, we still just have a bad day in training.

We are not robots.

It happens, the difficult bit is to accept that and move on.

Easier to say than do especially as the crap session was an

important build to a race a week later.

So we talked a lot last week,

discussed how our sporting heroes dealt with off sessions.

If you read Wiggins autobiography he had them,

he accepted that they do happen,

focused on the good,

what he could do.

And that’s what coaching is really about,

not just programs,

it’s the support,

delving into the reality of training,

dealing with the down’s and ups.

keeping athletes focused,

confident and moving forward.

And that’s exactly what happened last night in Nicks race

He smashed it out the park

placing his highest so far this year

coming 7th and holding onto 5th over all in the Summer Cycle Cross Series.

Yeah we coach athletes for Cycle Cross too.

So, I guess what I’m trying to get across today is that ONE

bad session doesn’t mean Jack in the big picture of quality,

consistent training.

Next time you have a crap session, let it go and move on.

Keep on keeping on.

Simon de Burgh

2 X Winner of Gym Based PT 

Level 2 British Triathlon Coach 

Performance & Nutrition Director


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