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Why Tri Force Endurance?

Everywhere we look on line there is misinformation, we want to change that

There is still a lot of BS, dogma and frankly dangerous and confusing information being flung around the internet by unqualified and inexperienced athletes and coaches.

We’ve been in the industry for nearly two decades, won awards and continue to learn

We provide solid, fact based coaching and a support network that gives absolute clarity on how to progress.

Training for Triathlon doesn’t need to be expensive or complex.

Consistency, patience and accountability are very powerful tools. That’s what’s helped our athletes get real results.  There are no gimmicks to our coaching services, no supplement scams just experienced coaching.

Its why we are growing in athlete numbers. If you’re willing to do the work and learn, we welcome you.

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Platinum Coaching

Work Exclusively With Us

This is a truly personal approach to you as an athlete. We will go all in, set targets, help you get the best from your training so that you get closer to your goals.

Our One on One coaching is the quickest way to help you get focused, faster and the results your looking for.


Team Tri Force

Structured Training and Support That Gets RESULTS

We created this coaching service and online community to help you build confidence in your training, get to your goals quicker and give you qualified support at a cost that’s accessible to everyone. You’ll get

• Direction and support from qualified, experienced coaches

• Expert training plans specific to your goals

• Be part of a supportive TEAM

• Learn how to get Fitter, Stronger and FASTER

• Break through plateaus you previously couldn’t

• RESULTS you’re really looking for


Lean Athlete Project

Learn The Right Way To Change Shape, Get Lighter And Quicker

There is a lot of miss information and mainstream myth when it comes to fat loss and performance nutrition.

So our nutrition and performance director developed a system dedicated to help you
• Change shape and get lighter
• Drop body fat
• Have great energy
• Look and feel your best

If you’re looking to get leaner, Lighter and FASTER this is the resource for you.


Strength Project

Build Strength, Not Size, Get Stronger, Get FASTER

To get FASTER and have ultimate power you need raw strength. To build that quickly strength training in the gym is CRITICAL.
This program is expertly put together by our head coach that will improve all out strength, build your power, make you FASTER and improve your flexibility.

If you’re serious about taking your RESULTS to the next level this is a must


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Leaner, Lighter, Faster

Its Definitely Money Well Spent


Having participated in triathlons for 12 years and reached a plateau, I decided that a coach would give me a new focus.

The program has stopped me from over training in the “gray Zone” which means I feel much less tired and more motivated to train as the workouts are so varied and stick within my time commitments.

I love the feedback and all the other advice and community in the private Facebook page. Its definitely money well spent.

Thank you Billy and Simon

Anne Maskell

I’m loving it

I’ve been working with Tri Force Since December 2016 and I’m loving it. I’m totally new to Triathlon.

I’ve knocked off 3 mins from my CSS swim, gaining confidence on my bike and ran my fastest marathon to date but most importantly got to the start line without any niggles.

Simon is always at the end of a phone if I need anything and understands that I need to fit training round life and work.

The encouragement these guys give to all their clients and me is just brilliant, we are like a big family on the private Facebook page. I can’t imagine being coached by anyone else now.

Tracey R Lynne

Can’t recommend these guys enough

Can’t recommend these guys enough. Bespoke training that fits in around my life and work.

I’ve been working with Tri Force for the last 12 months and knocked off BIG times in the swim, bike and run.

Not only that but I love the fact that I understand WHY I’m doing certain sessions.

The support re nutrition and training is immensely valuable, best triathlon coaches out there.

Gareth Greeves

Wouldn't have anyone else on my side

Sometimes you need an extra push to be your best. And getting pushed in the right direction is vital.

These guys know vital, totally changed my outlook on food and now on a path to becoming a leaner me.

Cant thank them enough for the last 12 months, and moving forward with fresh goals for the next 12 months, wouldn’t have anyone else on my side

Marc Baker

Simon and Billy really know their stuff

Both Simon and Billy really know their stuff. I’ve learnt so much not only about triathlons, but about strength, mobility, conditioning and nutrition helping me become a better athlete overall. No question too simple or silly, they are always happy to help. If you’re looking at hitting new pb’s and upping your performance, give Tri Force Endurance a shout. You won’t be disappointed.

Mike Birchmore

Excellent support, tailored to individual needs

Excellent support, tailored to individual needs and reflecting the demands of living and training.

Cannot recommend too highly (but do not want everyone to know because I am selfish!).

Tricia Harrision

These guys are the best around for Tri coaching

These guys are the best around for Tri coaching, they not only understand the sport but help guide me on my nutrition and recovery.

Highly recommend them, so easy to talk to and you are never a number, every client is individual and they totally get that. Keep up the good work guys!

Kim Pickett

Big winner if you ask me

Nutrition can be confusing with so many different diets and contrasting opinions of what to and what NOT to eat. I didn’t know where to start.

Working with Billy and Simon in the #LeanAthleteProject I’ve seen really great changes.

My energy levels have increased; I’m recovering quicker in-between sessions so my training has become more meaningful.

Other great things I’ve noticed are

I’m maintaining my lean muscle mass and looking trimer, big winner if you ask me. So over all I am fitter, faster, healthier and eating more calories!!

I know what you’re thinking, how the hell could you be eating more but getting leaner??

I thought exactly the same when I first started! The only way you’ll find out HOW is to join the group

Fenella Langridge

Getting a podium result so soon has been amazin

Recently got on the Tri Force movement. Even at such an early stage I’m extremely happy with the results and training plans the boys have created, getting a podium result so soon has been amazing.

Daily feedback is always available and I’m looking forward to getting more gains.

Mark Rabaiotti

I would seriously recommend this 1 2 1 coaching

Get involved and become a Tri Force athlete, it will be the best decision you can make for yourself and your training!!

Having spent 6 months of self-coached training for my first Ironman I decided to join the Lean Athlete Project to help me improve my training making me lighter while still maintaining my strength and power. Simon’s knowledge of sports nutrition is second to none with weekly updates and constant golden nuggets of knowledge really got me excited to train and improve my fitness.

The constant support from the Tri Force Endurance group as also outstanding with support when your finding training hard and the banter is always up there too when you need a laugh. The support when Tri Force athletes are racing is awesome too, everyone comes together to support online if not at the event they track and monitor how they are getting on, quite a buzz!!

The last 2 months of my training went a little wayward so I decided to become a Platinum trained athlete with a fully structured training plan and the real progression that I needed.

This was a massive boost to my training to get me to the finish line. There was never a problem if I needed to talk to about my training or get answers about my event. I would seriously recommend this 1 2 1 coaching; it was worth every penny.

Get involved and become a Tri Force athlete, it will be the best decision you can make for yourself and your training!!

Matt Heath

It’s a great sign that the new approach to training is working

My aim is Kona because I qualified many years ago and didn’t take the spot. Working with Tri Force has given me a new view of training and performance nutrition.

The training has been tough but my coaches are flexible thinkers and have fit it round my job when it gets busy.

I raced 70.3 Ironman Mallorca for the 4th time. It went to plan and came out with a HUGE PB  of 5.27 and 16th in my age group.

It’s a great sign that the new approach to training is working. Looking forward to my IM now.

Peter Farwell

A whole new level of training and nutrition.

It has been my dream for many years to complete an Ironman and without doubt working with Simon and Billy at Tri Force Endurance has been the critical factor in me realizing this goal.

Their knowledge, patience and encouragement has been truly fantastic and it has been an absolute pleasure to be coached by them.

They are always at the end of the phone and ready to answer any questions no matter how basic, and crucially have able to build effective and flexible training plans that fit around fatherhood and corporate job, keeping me on track when I need it but also being adaptable with the plan where necessary.

Working with them has opened up my eyes to a whole new level training and nutrition which has made me want to stretch myself further. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dan Hunt

I can’t tell you how happy with how far I’ve come

After a promising year competing Cyclo-cross I decided to take my training to the next level. I know the boys at Tri Force can ride bikes FAST so it was a logical step get on board and be coached by them.

Even though my target is the winter CX series I liked the boys thinking of building my fitness, power and speed and testing the training over the summer.

I can’t tell you how happy with how far I’ve come in such a short time. To get FITH over all, riding against Cat1 riders in the South Summer Cyclo-cross Series is unbelievable.

Thank you for your help, guidance, support and making it fun.

Nick Blight

Strength Training Is Worth The Investment

Working on my strength in the gym has really made a difference to my training and performance.

I thought I was training properly in the gym until I did the strength project.

I’m more powerful on the bike and stronger in my swim. That definitely paid dividends in Out Law Full where I smashed all my PB’S clocking in a time of 10.03 and coming in 2nd in my age group.

Coaching is worth the investment if your serious about getting faster.

Calvin Leach

These guys tought me to pace like a pro

I got in onboard Tri Force 121 coaching after I lost faith in my training guide and didn’t feel as if I was seeing my full potential coming up to my big race of the year, Iron Man Kalmar

After chatting with the coaches, going through my sticking points, they switched up my training and concentrated on my pacing and race nutrition strategy as I was really struggling with both.

I know these two areas are critical to get right.

Ok, it sounds cliché but training became fun again, the boys kept me focused, made it fun, got me pacing on the bike and run like a Jedi and their numerous tips helped me get faster in the pool.

The end result is that I took 37 minutes off my last Ironman with a PB time of 10.34 and ran the fastest Marathon I’d ever run. I’m was totally thrilled!

I cannot thank TriForce enough. I’m truly happy with my fitness and after months of hard work, the training and learning to pace paid off. Happy Days.

Andrew Ashton

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