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Premium 1 to 1 coaching designed to accelerate every aspect of YOUR training, health, mindset and confidence that builds PB busting performance without spending EXCESSIVE time in training.

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On line group coaching #Projects delivering 1st class content PLUS exclusive live Q&A sessions, insightful coaching videos all aimed to help you get STRONGER, LEANER, FASTER, FITTER.

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Welcome to Tri Force. Our mission is to provide you with the most up-to-date training and nutrition principals while teaching you the foundations of training and fuelling for Triathlon that gets RESULTS.

No matter whether you sign up for our personalised nutrition or training programs or one of our EXCLUSIVE members only #Projects our goal is the same.

To provide you with experienced, QUALIFIED advice and helpful, friendly support so that you get the best from your training and nutrition and learn the EXACT ways to look and perform your best.

Great On-line Coaching

Our No.1 goal is to forge great relationships so that we pull in the same direction. Together, we will build on existing strengths, develop your skills and knowledge so that you are empowered to be truly successful not just in the short term, but for life!

Great 1-1 Programmes

Your programme will be based on your racing experience, training and injury history, weekly work and life commitments that evolve as you progress. Nothing about this is "generic", we will work on building meaningful fitness foundations so that you perform at your very best.

Great Results

Merging sports science and a holistic approach to build stronger, faster, leaner, more intuitive and well-rounded athletes. The old adage is true...

"Don't count the sessions, make each one count"

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Be part of a growing number of like minded athletes who want to get the FACTS on how to be leaner, lighter, faster, stronger AND dispel mainstream myths and erroneous BS. You wont find our insightful, practical content anywhere else!

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